Exciting New Experience Solar and Bees!

This morning started with coffee! The perfect start to any morning!


I had the pleasure of a new learning experience. My father who is by definition a “prepper” (preparing for a catastrophe. Such as lack of extricity) He is currently working on a project that will ensure his kitchen has electricity. He has purchased 3 solar panels and we began the instillation project this morning. We mounted the solar panels to the roof. I’m super excited to say that we accomplished the instillation without falling off the roof, (or pushing) or swearing at each other. It was a lot of fun and a bonding experience. It was fun to be apart of something that is good for the environment and help out my parents as well.


The living room is completely on solar!


Yes! We are a Denver Bronco family! The tradition stems from my grandma Sadler! Who bought me a Elway Jersey for every birthday and Christmas…

This is also why my son receives two jerseys a year…

We finished our afternoon with the conclusion of the “Bee experience” part 2. I am sorry to say that this experience will not result in the harvesting of honey. We contacted Insectinvader LLC and am happy to say the Queen Bee is safely relocated to the desert. Mark was an amazing technician with tons of knowledge. I was able to discuss a lot of my gardening questions and he was gracious and knowledgeable. The greatest part was the relocation process was ONLY $200… I will definitely contact him for all my pest control needs. 602 571 0634

Find him on Facebook HERE.

image 1

We made honey after extracting them from beneath the floor of the shed… It was between 15-20 lbs of honey! This was definitely a whole family job!




Today has been an amazing day for the most part. I will be working on the lights in the garden when I return from my errands.

Tomorrow we will be trying to rid a squash plant of aphids, rid the front yard of huge black ants, (naturally and as eco friendly as possible), and new pictures of the key garden.

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