Protecting the Garden


Now that we’ve reached mid-December, Arizona can expect to see some freezing temperatures at night. Yes, even the desert experiences a freeze! This can be very damaging to our plants. Today Jon and I covered all our plants with plastic garbage bags and sheets to keep the frost at bay. At first glance, Jon felt that it detracted from the garden’s beauty; I said it looked like an Arabian marketplace, with all the different colored cloths pitched up! I guess all you need is ¬†little imagination to visualize it!


When the sun went down, and the lights turned on, that’s when our garden really came alive! This breathtaking sight is the combination of lights and sheet covers; it should be enough to protect our plants from the colder temperatures. The sheets are lightweight enough to let the sun in during the day, and keep frost off overnight.

What do you do to protect your garden from the elements? Share your ideas in the comments below!


  1. Patricia Sadler

    I have built a “greenhouse” with pvc pipes and painters plastic from Home Depot around my boxes to protect from frost and freezing. Depending upon the temperature I place heat lamps inside the ‘tents’. A word of caution: it is important that the plastic goes all the way to the ground and is secure enough to ensure the warmth remains inside your covering. I use bricks and clothes pins to secure the coverings. It is also important that the plastic NOT touch your plants as this will damage your plants. Then, it’s also important to open your tents during the day time as this helps them air out and prevents molding. Happy harvesting. .This method is not only inexpensive. really works!

    1. Jon Sadler

      That was so much fun and hard work! I remember it will and kindly


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