Domination! Fail! -Lili tries to train our puppy

Many times I find myself trying to overcome depression or trying to fight through anxiety. Sometimes it just happens organically. Somedays I find my life so hysterical I laugh until I have tears streaming down my face. This was one of those moments.

We have always tried to instill in Lili the power of kindness. Trying to to teach her that is always important to treat every living thing with respect and kindness and in turn they will and should treat you the same way.  This is a complicated topic when you’re 6 years old. How do you prove that you are dominant through kindness?  I’ve tried to explain to her that it is similar to parenting. You have to be the boss but that doesn’t mean you have to be unkind.

The other morning Lili asked me, “How do I get Bjorn to stop jumping and biting me?”

I said, “It is easy, you just put him on his back and tell him you’re the boss”.

Here’s what happened….


Like all terrible parents I just took pictures and laughed and laughed and laughed.

“Dad! He won’t let me put him on his back!”


She tried but ended up on her back.




“Dad, why won’t he listen to me? I told him I’m the boss!”

“It’s the story of my life, honey. Why don’t you listen?” I replied.

Here’s to keep trying.

Laughter is the best medicine.


  1. Jonathan

    Thats hilarious, your website is amazing.I cant wait for more posts

  2. Taylor

    Super funny! Cheers to falling down and getting right back up to try again!


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