Falling Down and Getting Back Up


Sarina and I wanted to exercise more, so Sarina bought a Garmin fitness tracker and has been logging her food and exercise. Myself I just wanted to get outside more; I have found when I’m outside more, spending time with nature I have less depression and anxiety. It was a win-win. This winter vacation Lili decided she wanted to learn how to ride a bike, so that she can be outside more too.

Lili’s and my first excursion lasted a few minutes because we needed to have an attitude adjustment. I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to get upset or angry. So after an attitude adjustment we decided to try again. This time I rode her bike and Lili rode the scooter. She thought she was having fun trying to catch me but little did she know she was learning how to steer and go fast. After finally catching me she was ready to start trying to ride the bike again.

learning to ride

The next two times we went down the hill we saw a lot of improvement. Lili was actually smiling and having fun. She was almost ready to show Mom. We did the 3/4 of a mile track twice, and she was really getting the hang of it.


With a sudden burst of confidence, she was ready to show mom. Sarina and I walked the track three more times behind Lili as she rode off ahead of us. We also tried a different view on how to steer. Lili was scared at first of standing on the pegs, but it really helped her learn.

Lili in grass

The next day Lili and I hit the park after we completed the majority of our “to-do” list. At the beginning she was having a hard time getting out of the grass…

Lili gaining steam

Once she was out of the grass….she lit up the park. On her second round she took off!

20160101_143231 (2)

She made it almost the entire track. Towards the end of the circuit she crashed, but she was so happy and proud of herself to make it that far! What an accomplishment!

proud lili

Her attitude is the perfect reminder to all of us: when you fall, you need to dust yourself off and get right back on. Being proud of all you’ve accomplished is far more important than harping on the things that didn’t work out. I look forward to sharing this positive spirit all week as I share these pictures of Lili with our family, friends and coworkers.


  1. Jonathan Shannon

    Yay! SUCCESS! That’s the spirit! Proud of you both.

    1. Jon Sadler (Post author)

      Thank you My Brother

    2. Ken

      I have fallen more than once in my life and never could quite get up like Lili but since July of the past year I have rose to the occasion to stand tall and never fall down again..Postive people and influences has made this journey and transformation possible.. 83 lbs and 22 in off and going for that 100 Mark will rest assure I won’t fall down again.This is my last rodeo..Congrats ms Lili..I’m so proud of your accomplishments in school and your bike..Jon and Sarina u r wonderful parents to this wonderful and cute girl..I love u Ms Lili..

  2. Lynn

    What a beautiful way of reminding ourselves that if we dont give up and remember to enjoy our accomplishments there are endless possibilities. We cannot forget thar we need to pat ourselves on the back too. We spend a lot of time doing things so others will notice, but when you do it for yourself it’s so much more rewarding. Thanks for sharing Jon! Made my day! Xoxo

    1. Sarina Sadler

      Lili is so excited to get the chance to show you how well she rides her bike now!

  3. annie

    Hahaha that kid is so awesome! Good job lili!

    1. Sarina Sadler

      Thank you!


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