Monthly Archive: February 2016

Why Sunflowers?

As a gardener there are many things I do on instinct, originally sunflowers were one of those items. It is something that is easily enjoyed and planted with the younger children. They sprout easily and are fun to plant and… Read more >

Custom Salad and Herb Garden Box

As we develop our custom gardens page we thought it would be the easiest and most cost effective way to showcase our abilities and talents by coming up with a couple of basic ideas and designs. What better way to… Read more >

Salad Box/ Herb garden

Lili, Taylor and I finally finished our prototype ” Salad Box/ Herb Garden“. This is ideal for a beginner garden for someone who just wants to start with the basics. We wanted to design a small garden that was elevated… Read more >

Key hole garden part 2.

After a tortuous week of working on nothing but dirt and shit, watching the flies swarm around my precious creation it was time to finally plant. I had mixed manure into the dist so often that I could barely stand… Read more >

Family Traditions Super Bowl 50

Every family has their traditions and their love of something special. My Grandma Sadler started our love for the Denver Broncos. Every Christmas I received a John Elway Jersey.¬†On game day our entire family gets together, bbq’s and then scream… Read more >