Custom Salad and Herb Garden Box

As we develop our custom gardens page we thought it would be the easiest and most cost effective way to showcase our abilities and talents by coming up with a couple of basic ideas and designs. What better way to start this endeavor than the perfect patio or beginner box.  This salad and herb box is the ultimate design.  It stands approximately 2 ft off the ground. It is designed to reduce stooping over. This design allows for deeper rooted plants in the higher tier with shallower rooted plants to be in the front. We built this custom Salad Box for Louise. She wanted to plant tomatoes and carrots in the back, Cucumbers and lettuce in the front box. We’ll add marigolds and garlics to keep insects away, encourage pollination, add color and maximize the space.

PicMonkey Collage

For the construction of the box we used pressure treated wood to maximizing longevity, strength while ensuring the Salad Box will remain aesthetically pleasing for many years to come.

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At last we arrived at Louise’s! I was so excited I felt like a teenager awaiting their first kiss! I couldn’t wait for this dream to become a reality. One of my biggest joys is to assist people in achieving their gardening dreams!

Louise 2


We planted following the designs Louise had envisioned. Only adding to her dreams and discovering a way to make all the plants live harmoniously together.


In the end we had converted empty space into a salad in the box! All organic and pesticide free! Her family will soon be picking their salads from their own back yard!


1 Week Later Louise is amazed at all the growth!



Our custom planted gardening box is 4X2X1. It can also be enhanced with wheels, sun shades, solar post caps and a drip watering system.


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  1. Rebecca

    Cool idea! Love this and the idea of mobile on wheels is awesome!


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