Key hole garden part 2.

After a tortuous week of working on nothing but dirt and shit, watching the flies swarm around my precious creation it was time to finally plant. I had mixed manure into the dist so often that I could barely stand the smell. Finally the flies had disipated and the dirt was ready. My mother had encouraged me to only plant in organic dirt that surrounded each plant and  this would reduce costs. The Arizona Native clay dirt would simply keep the moisture in and help to roduce watering costs. This was a brilliant idea and saved us lots of money on watering and soil costs. This grand idea was ideal for your local DYI people. Thepeoblem I have found lately was that not idea works in your location. This idea worked and we lost little in our garden that was originally designed to not going to produce the ideal amount the first year. Imaginig this “master creation” would fail this initial year but would in fact feed the soil was the initial plan. Boy were we wrong. Quickly we realizeds that this garden would  produce and this was the launching point of a business that quickly became a wonderful blessing for many.

It is true that this all became a reality as I desperately tried to grasp this new reality that I had found myself in. Depression and anxiety ebbing and flowing into a new reality that I found myself locked inside of. Where do you go when there doesn’t appear to be a way up? Normally I would follow the sun, these day I listen to the quiet voice of my wife. Showing me the way through the chaos that I now creat within my own mind. So when I find myself so lonely that I don’t even know how to cope, I findmeself the next morning in the garden drinking coffe and looking at this beautiful masterpiece that I have managed to create. These plants that grow when everything that I read says they should of died. This is simply put “my place”. I have found my sanctuary in the plants and the worlds I create in the dirt. I take care of them and in turn they take care of me. I have found everything I am looking for in these hands within this dirt. loving the earth from which all things grow. Do your kids know where their food comes from?  Do your kids know the things that drive you crazy? I tell my children in a hope to reduce the things that drive me crazy. I’m hoping to reduce stress and build more sanctuaries that provide peace and food to people. I’ve traveled enough through my crazy. I want to plant food.

With a blank canvass and a week to plan where I was going to plant what… I got time to plan and research. I spent this week trying to focus my energy on planning instead of going crazy. I drew out the key garden over and over in my notebook. Researching companion gardening and what would go where in this ginourmous heart shaped garden. Finally we had a layout and my mom brought over some of our first plants. She like me prefers to plant before a plan is born. Neither of us likes to kill anything that is alive. We would rather let things live and plant around them.  This is not always the best idea. It’s something that my mother and I have discussed at length. In this project my friend told me to walk and not run. He advised me to plan first and excecute second. This is a concept for someone with depression and anxiety tend to struggle with. This blog and my friends and family have taught me to plan  first. Be anal and thourough and only excecute when the plan is as near flawless as possible.  So after planning our keygarden we finally came to the place where we were ready to plant.

With 3 bags of dirt we tackled the project.

It was time to begin….

key garden beginnings

It wasn’t pretty to begin with everything went into shock. Luckily we found some mums on clearance. So things would look pretty.



We continued to plant…

key 2

and planted….

key garden 3

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  1. Rebecca

    garden envy!!!! Sooooo incredible. Find everything you guys do amazing!


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