Salad Box/ Herb garden

Lili, Taylor and I finally finished our prototype ” Salad Box/ Herb Garden“. This is ideal for a beginner garden for someone who just wants to start with the basics. We wanted to design a small garden that was elevated from the ground. This garden would be ideal for renters or people who had time to move their garden around for the seasons. The basic design would stand about 2 ft off the ground, and would be a 2 tiered garden box that would be approximately 2X4. We envisioned that this garden box would allow people to garden whom had a difficult time bending over, and desired fresh organic food to eat. This was our original plan for the layout of our Salad/Herb Box.


Having completed the Salad/Herb Box we spent the afternoon planting yummy vegetables and planting beautiful tulip bulbs and flowers.

Planting the Salad Box

With all the changes that have occurred recently in my life, I love all the miracles. Days are calmer and less stressful. I am able to concentrate on the important things that really matter, the “precious moments” that are slowly slipping away. I am able to rebuild relationships with my older daughters and cement the relationships of a blended family. Focusing on things that matter and quality time. These are memories that will last a lifetime and food that will nourish our bodies as well as our minds.


After our initial planting we decided to “enhance” our little salad garden. We added the parts to provide it shade during the brutal summer months. In a few months we will be ecstatic that we did this before the temperatures reach 100 degrees plus.


A week and a half later our salad box looked like this. We had a strawberry begin to sprout!

pic salad



  1. Pat Sadler

    What a great idea! Flowers to attract bees and repel insects. Fresh salad and beauty! Thyme will cascade down and be absolutely beautiful. Great food for body and soul….not to mention Easy on backs and knees!! Very good idea!!!!

    1. Jon Sadler (Post author)

      Thanks! It was so much fun! Can’t wait to install our first one tomorrow

  2. Rebecca

    Could maybe actually pull something like this off (with the pig and all)…LOVE!

  3. Taylor

    This was so much fun! Such an amazing idea!


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