Anxiety in the workplace


This post is about a coworker so some of the details have been left out, however, I believe it is of the utmost importance to discuss the following statement. “YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN SOMEONE ELE’S LIFE”. Period. The End. I make it no secret that I suffer from both anxiety and depression. Today I was extremely blessed that I didn’t keep this fact a secret, and because people know I suffer from these issues I was able to help a coworker.  I was blessed for the opportunity to help and give some relief. We were able to calm down together and I was able to offer relief in the form of herbal drops, guided meditation and some Reiki. If nothing else from this blog ever comes to fruition I am blessed and glad I was able to assist my one person today.

Here are some hints that I would like to share from my own experiences in the past…

  1. Don’t be alone, while it may feel extremely embarassing don’t be afraid to tell someone what is happening. Typically people suffer in silence and this causes the anxiety to become worse. There is no answer to the “Why are you feeling anxious?” question. So don’t ask and don’t try to explain. It will only make the anxious person feel more abnormal than they already are and the person without anxiety feel more awkward. It just happens. It’s an “allergic reaction to an emotion”. We just want to feel “normal” and at this particular moment we feel “completely crazy”.
  2.  If you suffer from anxiety start thinking about your favorite place.
    1. Where is it?
    2. What does it feel like?
    3. What does it smell like?
    4. What do you love most about it?

These details will help you as the anxiety sufferer when you need to go to your “happy place”

3. Focus on breathing. Inhale through your nose and exhale through mouth. This makes the Parasympathetic Nervous System take over. (Relaxation)

4. If you suffer from Anxiety remember that being anxious doesn’t make you “Crazy”. You’re not alone, ask for help, try to identify your “triggers” so you can be “proactive” instead of “reactive”.

5. Research and try herbal remedies that can help you before it’s too late. Take these when you know you are headed into a stressful situation. I took them before a meeting or before an encounter with someone that “drove me crazy” or when I knew I was going to be around someone who was “negative”.

6. Practice meditation. It’s not natural so it takes practice. Learn to visualize your “happy place”.

7. Be honest let your friends and loved ones know what’s going on so they can help you or just be near when you need them.

8. Tell yourself you’re not crazy. Eventually you’ll learn to believe it and you’ll soon after you’ll know it. Your’e not crazy!










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