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There’s very little I love more than seeing a blank canvas turned into a work of art. There’s something really special about being able to take a beautiful idea, something that you designed in your mind, and then have the ability to watch it unfold into a real life masterpiece. For me this applies to creating custom gardens. I was given the opportunity to transform a completely empty backyard space into a utopia of food for a longtime friend. Karen has been struggling with her health for the last few years, and feels that her journey back to optimal health begins with eating organic, non-GMO foods. We couldn’t agree more!

I love watching the progress and growth of watching little tiny plants grow and produce the food that later nourishes our bodies. The satisfaction of a job well done and the gratitude and extra flavor everything you’ve grown produces. It’s a special award. Helping someone else obtain their gardening dreams is very satisfying as well. It is hard to imagine that these tiny veggies have grown so much in six weeks.


The Southern Bed has partial shade and we thought this would be the ideal place to plant the main components of a salad.

Kale, Butternut lettuce and spinach! Yum!

K Salad


In the center box we planted an entire 3X6 box full of potatoes.

As the potatoes grow we continually cover them with dirt producing more potatoes.



In the Northern Bed we planted strawberries, cauliflower and carrots!

3rd box

In the West Bed planted 4 tomato plants, cilantro, oregano, garlic, cucumbers, sunflowers, thyme, hot peppers and basil

Long box

It’s hard to believe 6¬†weeks ago it looked like this…


We can’t forget about Matteo…

Karen told Sarina and I about Matteo, her seven-year-old nephew, and how excited he was about her garden. On our last day at her house, we set him up a little garden of his own. Karen had purchased these square and rectangular planters for him, but her health had limited her from doing much else. Now, the garden that they promised each other would finally come true. We extended the irrigation a little further, so that Matteo’s new garden would be on the automatic drip system too. We had some leftover dirt, so we filled up the boxes and gave each one it’s own water line and sprayer. To get him started, Sarina planted a strawberry plant in one of his boxes. Karen took Matteo to the store to buy worms for their gardens, and soon his garden will be filled with all his favorite foods (like watermelon!) We look forward to hearing from Karen about their project.

He started with this…

Mat garden

Now 6 weeks later look at all that is growing in Matteo’s garden….

Mat's garden

14 Weeks…
Karen Garden

Not everything has grown as we had hoped. We have struggled against the bugs from her neighbour’s home and the hook worms that lived in the soil and weeds. We are prepairing to add shades next week, Karen’s tomatoes are delicious and producing amazing fruit.


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