Make Something Beautiful

When we first moved into this house I could not believe the state of the front yard. The home appeared abandoned and unloved. There was this rose bush that was brown and brittle and nearly dead in the front. Our landlord stated it was fragrant when it bloomed. I swallowed my sarcasm as I wanted to say. ” It’s as dead as Napoleon.” Alas, I bit my tongue and swallowed blood. We leased the “lifeless” home and promised the landlord, there would be more “life” on this property than he could imagine.


This year we once again trimmed the rosebush and kept the promise of making the property live.


It’s hard to believe that almost 2 months ago we hacked down our rose bushes and today we are picking roses for a bouquet! It’s so important to prune your rose bushes and give them all the time and attention that they deserve. You are rewarded with this beautifully fragrant and delightful centerpiece.

The decorative rocks were purchased at our friends from All Star Materials


After we picked roses for our bouquet we saw how many roses were still left.


Lili and I decided it was time to make bouquets from our sunflowers…

She was a HUGE help..

PicMonkey Collage sunflowers

She then Lili helped me pick tomatoes…

PicMonkey Collage tomatoe

And today I also managed to reconnect with my herbs and stones…


Making Valerian Root. Today my wife, Sarina, taught me how to mix raw herbs to make my anti anxiety drops. We shopped at our favorite local store. They help me reconnect with the things I need in my life, stones gardening, herbs and natural remedies.


I find it interesting that as a society we put meaning in some stones and not in others. While for me it is as important as digging in the dirt.

I buy most of my stones and raw herbs from  Fantasia

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