Puppies Are Work!

People have always told me how wonderful and rewarding gardening and dogs can be. I believe they forgot to inform me how much work they both can be. The mix can be a “Never Ending Story” of opportunities and challenges. Most days that is exactly what someone one who suffers from anxiety and depression needs. The puppies are fond of giving kisses and getting into mischief. Today we started our morning at 5:30 AM with the puppies awake and ready to play. We have previously “puppy proofed” the gardens and backyard. In an exhausted haze I put the 6 bundles of joy out the doggie door and stumbled back to bed for what I thought would only be a moment. I fell soundly asleep for an hour. When I awoke I found all but 2 of the puppies in my garden. Lili and I had our to-do list for the day. We needed to reconstruct the fence around the cinder block garden and find away to keep the puppies out of the key garden. If our plan to become more self sustaining over the next couple of years these projects need to be completed. Besides, having a list of things to do helps me ward off depression and anxiety, and forced family fun was the story of my childhood. Lili benefits greatly from the activity and loves her “payments”.

With the puppies sound asleep following their breakfast Lili and I started to get to work.

20160316_090332 (1)

Our first step was to paint the post and gate frame. Painting with a 6 year old is always messy and fu. More paint gets on our clothes than on the object we are painting. It was a great idea to paint in the shed. Lili and I painted and constructed our frame while the puppies slept. The puppies are so cute when they are being good and asleep.

We repurposed our old fence for the gate. Lili’s job was to cut the old fence to fit the gate.


It is not always the quickest or most accurate way of doing things, however, working together is a lot of fun and we enjoy the time we spend together and the satisfaction of finishing the work is rewarding. We laughed alot today and really enjoyed working outside together. While we both love gardening, Lili loves the projects and together time. She thrives doing things one on one and loves getting her energy out. Personally I think she loves all the “rewards” she gets for her hard work. For myself I love focusing on focusing on things I can control and do something about. Although in the end this did not prove to be the case. It was fun making the fence and gate though.

PicMonkey Collagefence

Many of you know that we rent our home and thus we are trying to improve our home and garden while making the entire structure “moveable”. As putting up the fence is normally a job for 2 adults we used zip ties as a temporary solution that Lili and I could manage. It was time to install the gate so after putting that part of the fence we decided it was time for a reward!


If anyone knows Lili it was time for LUNCH! The puppies were then exhausted and time for them to take a nap.

PicMonkey Collage dogs

We finally finished only to find Bjorn standing proudly in the back of the garden! URG! FML! Off to Home Depot we go again! This time things did NOT go so well. Lili refused to stop touching things and even broke a container of screws! She learned the lesson of “You break it! You buy it!” Unfortunately, this did not change her behavior. She spun and fidgeted all over the aisle until the man at Home Depot was no longer willing to assist us. He was happy to disappear from that section of the store entirely. When I tried to find another associate there were none to be found. so we left the Home Depot with no solutions to our dilemma, but, we bought more things we didn’t need.

At the end of the adventure, I “Jerry rigged” the remainder of the cinder block garden to keep Bjorn, Luna and puppies out!


We saved this from the puppies laying in it and eating our food!

PicMonkey Collage cinderblock

Alas! We found our puppies in the Key Garden!

Under our Salad Box! It’s a good thing they can’t reach anything to harm it!


And then for all the Walking Dead fans! “Look at the flowers!”

PicMonkey Collage roses

We smile, because life’s a Roller Coaster… At the end of the day… We just get what we get….




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  1. Tricia

    Looks great Jon! Everything is growing around there, kids, pups, food! Something to be proud of.


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