Reuse! Recycle!

A ton of people tell me it’s too expensive to start a garden, and honestly I couldn’t agree more!  This is why we Re-use and Recycle our plants. The start up cost is substantial. I won’t even lie. However there are tricks to make it less expensive the next year and for years to come. Let’s start with lettuce! Lettuce is the main ingredient to any salad. This vegetable grows in shade in Arizona and produces enough of it’s own offspring to re-coupe any start up costs. The problem is that most people “chop the head off”! Instead let it go to seed…

Flower’s erupt from the tops!


Once the flowers dry up, shake them and cover with fresh dirt. Or just let the wind distribute them all over the keygarden…

Soon they will regrow like this…


Yes, we reused elephant garlic from my mother’s garden to plant in this garden. All those wispy green sprouts are garlics! Unfortunately they take forever to grow.

We didn’t stop there we squished our first tomatoes to grow these tomato plants.

They started like this…

basil and tomatoes

And grew into this!


We regrow a lot of our food from the seeds of our own plants.

Our butternut squash started off as seeds our dog knocked over.


It grew us all this food!


Well that’s what is left over a year later/

We also reuse our marigolds…


Get your kids involved with their own garden. While building a custom garden for a client KAREN she asked if we could add on a section of pots for her nephew Matteo. He would be planting seeds in his section.

Mat garden

A few months later his garden looks like this…

Matt garden

My children are a huge part of what we do here at growwithjon…

Lili is my constant companion and helper in tons of areas. I am not sure what I would do without her help.

PicMonkey Collage tomatoe

We have a lot of fun working outside in the garden, there’s lots of rewards to growing your own food. Watching everything grow and then eating the fruits of your labor!

Lili planting seeds

We have also reused our sunflower seeds to grow more beautiful sunflowers. This picture shows Lili “dusting off” the remaining pollen so that we could dry and extract the seeds. For the complete blog on why sunflowers are so important you can read that post HERE.



These are a few of the tricks we have learned! More are coming…


  1. pat sadler

    Do you sell any of your seeds? It would be much nicer (and safer) than what we’d be likely to get in the stores.

    1. Jon Sadler (Post author)

      That will begin next year…. Coming in 2017


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