They are a pain in my @$$, but, I will miss them

My life has been so full of life these last 7 weeks, from watching “the princess” being dragged across the floor by her umbilical cord at 2 am, to watching Sarina never give up on our precious Arrow (Row for short because she received a second shot at life). Feeding her with a dropper and then helping her find the fullest teet, she’s grown and become stronger. Her ear was the first to stand straight up. So much life and fun, from watching each puppy develop personality to the changes in their appearance. Some coats have lightened while others have darkened. Blind they came into this world, knowing only the scent of their mother and perhaps Sarina, and their baby sitters Taylor and Amber. It really did “take a village” to keep Row alive. Three have found their furever homes and the new bonding has begun. Although each puppy has their unique personality and charm we are surprised that a few have yet to find their FurFamilies…

I dedicate this post to them, please share it, please help them find people that will find so much joy in their existence as we have.

First we have “Princess Powderpuff”

20160302_171248She was the first born of the litter, she is super sweet to her two legged family and very loving. She however is an “Alpha” she will not back down when her mom and dad try to “dominate” her and teach her manners. She’s content loving and being held.

Updated Pictures!

Next are the Two boys.


This is “Tuck” he loves his people and has the most beautiful markings!

Then there is “Shadow”, he loves following his people around and loves being with people.

20160303_165256_HDRNew Pictures!

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