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What’s happening in the Sadler house today? On this Sunday during Memorial Day Weekend? After so many struggles and focusing on what I am no longer able to do, Sarina and I decided that it was time for something new, a project that was more proactive rather than reactive. After our tomato plants had grown too big for their cages and managed to get so large they broke and died, we measured them and they were over 6 ft long, at almost a year old they were humongous. We managed to save the majority of the fruit, however, the plants couldn’t be saved. ¬†While this was a good problem to have, there is nothing worse than doing everything you can to save your plants and in the end having all your efforts not be enough. We’ve discussed our ideas in previous posts however this is our newest project that we have undertaken. We have discussed that while it is the ideal plan we are going to build the structure in sections as to not disturb the amazing plants that are currently growing in our garden.

Picture #1 is the first clue.20160529_125606

After realizing that the reason our tomatoes were doing so well I decided that we needed more composting in our garden… we thought this idea would help people with smaller gardens.

I stole this idea from Pinterest, we decided to add more nutrients to the soil!

mini composts


What kind of wood do we use when gardening? This piece is waterproofed with eco friendly sealer….


For this project we decided to alter from our typical “organic pressure treated wood” as Sarina thought this one was more aesthetically pleasing. I would have agreed had we decided to stain the wood, however, after seeing a “contrast” picture Sarina really wanted dark construction with white accents. After much debate and research, Sarina and I truly believe that both the “organic pressure treated wood” and the red wood we used for this project are not the cheapest, however the durability makes them well worth the expense. We prefer to build things out of a higher quality material than inferior products. While selecting a paint we spent over an hour asking questions, and for this¬†project we chose a “middle” quality of the Behr (R) line, I’m not sure if this paint was recommended because it is the Home Depot (R) brand or if indeed it is the best quality. I won’t debate that here, because once again I need to remind myself that I am focusing on the positive things. Besides, opinions are like noses, everyone has one…

We decided that we would use a water sealer before we painted… and then seal it again after we painted. We did run into a little hiccup after painting one of the 4X4’s had a lot of sap in it, the sap continued to ooze making a paint bubble in some places and in others it just seeped through the paint.

Before and after it is painted….


When Sarina and the kids returned from New York she was super excited to continue working on the new project. She quickly began putting her mark on the project…


She wanted to create something that was not just straight and boring so she cut and sanded the 2X6’s to create a dramatic piece of both art and functionality.


While running through Sprouts, Taylor and I found these seeds that needed to be planted ASAP….



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