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Can I get a “what what!”? The last two months have been a roller-coaster of inactivity, frustration, depression and on some days immobilizing pain. To say that I have been a good companion would be a gross understatement. I have been dwelling on the worst case scenario, and my positive attitude has spiraled into a bucket of pig slop… On of the things that I have struggled with is my inability to build gardens and on some days I am unable to even pull weeds. The progression of the injury has been something that I have had to contemplate and ponder, this is something that I do not do well when I am alone, I process verbally or in some form of art. Being home alone does not do well for my psyche. To make matters worse we have had to ask for help with the menial gardening tasks. For the first month I couldn’t build a garden box and had to enlist the help of my children. Even Though I was grouchy (to put it mildly) they were more than willing to help and do all the parts I was unable to do.

Forced Family Fun

It reminded me of when Jon and Luc were younger only they liked helping and building things…


The last few months have been super challenging for me, and unfortunately I have made them difficult on them. This is not some sort of pity party rather a fact. They have grinned and bared it as much as possible and sent me to bed when I was unmanageable. It has definitely been quite the journey, I’m glad it is nearing it’s final leg of the trip. The doctor spoke uplifting diagnosis today as he said I was close to getting back to massaging, I would need to alter my massage, but finally someone was speaking a language I could understand.

I find it serendipitous that it was during a time that I was struggling with the fact that I didn’t have enough options and hadn’t planned enough, my wife, Sarina, gently teased me about how I urge others to plan out their gardens and while I attempt this, I really needed to take into account how my plants generally outlive most of my competition. She gently reminded me that my plants overgrow their structures and end up dying because they are too big and end up breaking, rather than from the elements. It is not uncommon for our tomatoes to grow bigger than 6 ft and last year our squash was 6 ft high by 20 ft wide.


As Sarina worked tirelessly on trying to save our tomato plants and assist them in “standing up again”, she said next year let’s plan for how big our plants get, let’s build a pergola”.

So we have begun the plans of having the pergola. We’ve added trellises so that it will fit our needs…. The only conflict right now is color. We’ve modified the plans to have this fit within the Key Garden and we look forward to sharing the progress with you. The doctor says it’ll be about 2 more weeks before I will be able to start. So here’s to planning….



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