Swimming for Shopkins (R)

Today we all decided that we needed a break from the city, so we decided to get up early and head out of town. The getting up early never happened and when I woke I couldn’t find Sarina. Evidently she had awoken at 6 am and since I was tossing and turning she decided to go out on the couch and do some research on her laptop, she was sound asleep when I got up. So I made a cup of coffee and head into the garden, since I decided that it she must be exhausted and needed to sleep if neither Lili, the dogs or myself managed to wake her up. A couple of hours later we finally decided to skip our original destination and just go on an adventure. We packed up the dogs and went looking for a Giant Green Frog and other oddities on our way to an unknown destination.

At a quick rest stop I paused and thought “First, let me take a selfie!”

20160605_144704_HDR - Copy

Just driving out of the city was like a complete weight being lifted from our shoulders. We drove through the mountains and decided to pull off to visit Wolf Creek… However, the creek was dry and full of campers. We sought a little bit of solitude and nature, so we continued on. We contemplated driving the back way to Crown King for their famous fudge! But after nearly getting hit by 3 trucks we decided to turn around and head toward Prescott and a lake. We decided it would be nice to take Sarina some place she had never been before. We ended up at Watson Lake. I love the rock formations and the water. It was nice to be someplace cooler, although I am not sure 95 is cool, just a lesser degree of burn you.

PicMonkey Collage2

While we were there I decided I would let Lili earn her Shopkins back (R)… These are the newest toys and her new punishment for lying. She had to face her fears and swim a small distance, but the main objective was to face her fears…

PicMonkey Collage

It was so fun! She did it!!!!

It was a great day to decompress, unwind, and reconnect with nature.

Now it’s time for some New York Styled Pizza!!! FromĀ TOCI PIZZA. If you haven’t eaten there you really should give them a try! We’ve had Eggplant Parmesian (Sarina says it’s just like her grandmother made from scratch) There pizza is amazing, their calzone’s are to die for and their wings are OMG delicious! Now, Game of Thrones…

Tomorrow I go back to the specialist and find out if I will be allowed to get back to massaging, I have really missed it the last few months.



  1. Patricia 2

    Looks like a beautiful day. What a lovely location. The mountains and colors are exquisite. A well deserved replenishment!

    1. Jon Sadler (Post author)

      It was thank you!


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