Gardening With A Purpose

Towards the beginning of 2013 I developed anxiety and conventional medicine was deemed to be the cause of my condition. I found my coping mechanism in the Earth…literally. While trying to find a way to cope with my new anxiety disorder I ended up returning to the place I had many fond memories of as a child: my Mother’s garden. I spent the majority of the following days with her, and we planned and planted her spring garden.

That year my Mother and I transformed her garden into a consumable work of art. We made stackable pots that produced strawberries and thyme; we learned about companion gardening and feasted on salads that were more filling than those purchased in the grocery store. I learned that in Arizona we have two planting and growing seasons and my Mother and I constructed greenhouses with heating lamps to protect our fall/winter garden from the freeze.

In early 2014 my wife, Sarina, moved from Long Island, New York to Arizona. As an early Christmas gift, we planted all her favorite veggies for her before she arrived. Sarina is a vegetarian and Holistic Health Counselor, and was in awe she had a garden waiting for her; she said it was among the greatest gifts she’d ever received. By this point, our gardens had really become more than a way to relieve anxiety, and more than a passion for wellness – they had become a sustainable way of life.

I have received endless support and encouragement not only from family and friends, but also from many of the people I’ve met through the years working as a Licensed Massage Therapist. While working on and getting to know some of the state’s leading doctors, physicians, lawyers and professionals, I’ve learned that people wanted to find ways to be healthy, mainly through food. During these conversations the dream of Grow With Jon was born.

My goal is to provide ways to grow non-GMO food for the working people, and ways to grow what you eat. Welcome to my journey.